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Yogadose was created from a very humble beginning in 2017, in my front living room! Friends came to support my teachings, this soon snowballed and I realised I needed more room. My aim is to teach yoga classes that are inclusive, non-competitive and you do not feel embarrassed if you go a little wrong, being dyslexic I know how this feels, and that’s how you learn. Right?

My classes include centring the mind and body before practice, followed by beautiful warm up yoga movements with the breath, working towards a peak posture, with modifications for everyone. Using blocks, cushions anything that will make you feel safe, happy and secure in your yoga posture work.

​I host yoga day retreats in the summer months in Yorkshire.

So, what is Hatha Yoga? - Hatha yoga initially focuses on strengthening and cleansing the body. Hatha yoga’s theory is that the mind will calm and settle as the body becomes more balanced. Hatha Yoga classes are gentle or challenging as you personally want them to be. Teaching basic yoga poses that are suitable for all. There will be focus on breathing techniques, alignment, relaxation all while working on strength and flexibility. 

So, what is Restorative Yoga? - A soothing and relaxing practice which is perfect for the whole body, mind and spirt. Rejuvenating, and restful is the key to class. Activating the para – sympathetic or relaxation responses, it helps to balance the whole nervous system, for deep healing, growth and repair. Getting in touch with your own body and learning to switch off your mind are essential to this class.  

I truly believe yoga is for everyone. There is no barrier to practicing yoga, it's inclusive, you can practice sat on a chair, have the wall for support or be on your mat with mother earth to support you. There is a type of yoga for you, right here and right now. Yoga is a life tool. The breathing techniques you will learn are particularly useful to integrate your day to day life.

You don’t need any fancy gear, just a willingness to learn, to start your yoga journey. You will soon realise that yoga is much more than complicated bending and stretching and you don’t need to flexible, it’s a way of life, a journey that will keep you interested and sustained, strong yet gentle to others and to yourself. 

Om Shanti, Debbie X

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